Gulf Marine

Tampa’s Leading Full Service Dry Dock/Repair Facility 

1800 Grant Street
Tampa, FL 33605
Phone: 813.247.3153
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About Gulf Marine


Tampa’s Leading Full Service
Dry Dock/Repair Facility 

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Aaron Hendry

Message From the President


Gulf Marine is a full-service shipyard with over fifty years of ship repair knowledge and experience. 

At Gulf Marine we can serve all of your vessel needs and requirements from the smallest topside jobs to dry dockings.  Our services run the gamut from plate renewal to ocean going barge double hull conversion design and installation, from fender repair to Bludworth, Intercon or JAK-coupler installation, from valve repair to complete cargo, ballast or heating oil system design and installation, from repainting a handrail to complete hull or internal blasting and coating, from polishing a propeller to fabrication of propulsion shafting and installation, from changing a light bulb to designing and installing a new electrical system. 

Competitive pricing, quality work and on-time delivery is the customer’s goal and Gulf Marine’s promise.  Surprises should be left for birthdays and holidays, not for the end of a job.  With this in mind, Gulf Marine quotes prices that accurately reflect the scope and quality of work to be preformed.  Throughout each job we never forget the customer and we keep everyone involved apprised of the work performance and costs.

The real key to Gulf Marine’s success is its people — operating personnel, with many years of varied experience, who know how to realize the potential in each other.  Our yard works seven days a week around the clock if necessary to take care of our customers’ needs.  Our people take pride in their abilities and the accomplishment of a job well done.

Company Promise
At Gulf Marine our team strives to provide our customers with competitive pricing, quality work and on-time delivery.


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